Baby Gear for Both Mom AND Dad!

It’s no question you need a LOT for a new baby. You need your nursery, diapers, and adorable outfits, of course. But you definitely don’t want to forget on-the-go baby gear! You’ll be carrying a diaper bag everywhere you go with your baby. You’ll be pushing a stroller or wearing a baby wrap for convenient baby transport. And you’ll definitely want to select items that are high-quality and stylish. Also, one thing you may need to consider is if your partner will want to use them, too!


For example,  a pastel pink bag with unicorns on it to match your nursery sounds adorable. Will your partner want to carry it when your shoulder starts to hurt or when he’s taking the baby out somewhere? Probably not. Instead, you may prefer either two diaper bags or  choose one that you’ll both like to carry for all of your necessary baby gear. Same with a stroller – will you want to take a baby jogging in a camo-print stroller? Probably not.


Want a gender neutral look so you can use your wraps, diaper bags, or strollers for multiple kids? Need a bag that will work as a sophisticated accessory? Don’t want to listen to your partner grumble about pushing a pink stroller? Have no fear! We’ve got some on-the-go baby gear that you’ll both love!  


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Diaper Bags We Love for Holding Our Baby Gear

piper jade kids


My favorite diaper bag designer by FAR is Petunia Picklebottom. Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re incredible quality. When you buy one of these bags, you’re making an investment because you know it’s going to last through the day-to-day work you’ll be putting it through for at least a few years!


I am so excited to carry my favorite two bags on Piper Jade Kids! First, the Boxy Colorblock Backpack is perfect for the Mom OR Dad on-the-go to carry with it’s sleek black body and graphite gray closing flap. This is a signature bag, created for modern parents both in style and in function. There’s plenty of space inside for baby gear like bottles and diapers. It features a convenient, built-in changing station, magnetic closure so nothing falls out and comfortable straps. Plus, there are plenty of pockets for your phone, wipes, snacks, and more.


Best of all, this efficiently-shaped bag works as a backpack or can be worn on the shoulder or cross-body, so you can take it hiking or traveling along with daily adventures. Best of all, this gorgeous bag is made from high-quality canvas so it’s easy to keep looking clean and new! Perfect for busy parents with busy babies!



My other favorite bag for moms and dads is the Axis Backpack in Birch and Black. Another Petunia Picklebottom bag so we know it’s going to look good and last through thick and thin, this is part of the Inter-Mix Collection – a system of bags and packing pods you can mix and match to create your own organized bag!


I LOVE that this bag has an insulated base, perfect for bottles, while the zippered top compartment is large. This is perfect for a mom who needs to pack her breast pump and milk and keep it in a low-key bag. However, it’s so versatile! It stores plenty of diapers, a change of clothes, and all the other baby gear you may need when you’re out and about.


This attractive backpack comes in sophisticated black and cream, while the copper hardware gives it a modern look.


Courtesy of MyCurls

Our Favorite Strollers Take Our Baby Gear on the Go

Courtesy of Barefoot Blonde


Strollers are the most researched baby item, understandably! From walks around the block to shopping trips and even vacations, your stroller is going to get a TON of mileage, so you want one that is durable, easy to maneuver, and that you like to look at.


Courtesy of UppaBaby


First is the UppaBaby Vista. These are growing in popularity FAST and with good reason – it’s an excellent stroller! From birth through toddlerhood, your baby can ride in comfort and style in this incredibly customizeable stroller.


It comes with a comfortable bassinet, perfect for a baby who likes to nap on the go. Pair it with a compatible car seat like the UppaBaby Mesa for a stylish, high-quality travel system. But don’t think this is only for one baby! In fact, you can use the Vista for up to THREE kids at a time by adding a few accessories! Add the Rumble Seat to the front for older kiddos to ride in front and the Piggy Back Riding Board is perfect for older children to stand and catch a ride with his or her siblings.


Easy to maneuver, plenty of storage for baby gear, stylish, and made from high-end materials, there’s a reason this is one of the highest ranking strollers on all the “Best of” baby lists!

Courtesy of Mountain Buggy


For a gorgeous stroller that will make you the envy of all the parents at the park, check out the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Geo! Featuring an ultra-chic checkerboard print, this stroller is more than just pretty. It offers three positions for your baby, from lying flat in a removable bassinet to rear-facing and front-facing, this stroller is easy to steer, comfy for your baby, and perfect for you to take around town.


Courtesy of BOB


Want to go off-road with your baby, want to go for a jog, or just need to trek over some rough roads? The BOB Revolution Pro is a high-ranking jogging stroller that moms and dads both love. While it’s pretty heavy and bulky for just taking to the mall or a gentle stroll around the park, it’s great for hiking, the beach, rocky roads, and jogging and still keeping your little one safe and comfortable.


Parents say it’s easy to steer and has highly-absorbent shocks so going over rough terrain isn’t an issue like it may be in other strollers, so if you’re looking for something rugged or the best jogging stroller, add this one to your list to look at!


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